Welcome to Parkinson Chiropractic

Thank you for joining us via our very first web site. No doubt there will be many changes to this site as we add more information and add different features.

We'd love to hear from you.  Please feel welcome to phone us on 46321136 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. One of our friendly receptionists will be only too happy to assist in any way they can.


So What Can I Expect?

Our standard treatment sees a patient in the treatment room for approximately 40 to 45 minutes. Time for an initial or first visit is usually a little longer.

Each and every treatment as a general rule includes the use of hot packs and a massage by one of our massage therapists prior to any Chiropractic procedures. This in my opinion leads to greater relaxation and an overall more pleasing result. During the first visit Duane will also discuss with you your goals for treatment and work out a plan to deliver results. 

You will not be asked to join a plan that involved a pre-defined number of treatments or sign up to anything in advance.

Our feeling is that if you need only one or two visits, then that's fine. If your case is a little more involved and needs more treatment, that's fine too.

No matter your circumstances, we are here to do our best to help you and resolve whatever problem has brought you to us.

If we feel that your problem will be resolved better by another health professional such as your GP, then we will certainly refer you on.

The needs of the patient come first. That has always been, and continues to be a core value of the clinic.

Duane J Parkinson

B.Sc, M.Chiro

Duane Parkinson is the fourth Chiropractor to own/run the clinic and was proud to carry on the heritage of care in 2003 when his father Nev Parkinson retired.

We believe

Every person is an individual with a unique story and set of circumstances that have brought them to our door. We will honour their presence with kindness, respect and a concern to help them feel better as quickly as we can.